Our team for per­sonal inter­views nati­onwide in-home, live at point of sale or under­cover as mystery shopper.

Our staff of about 600 expe­ri­enced and at all times deployable nati­onwide face to face-inter­viewers and mystery shoppers estab­lishes optimal sur­roun­dings for simul­ta­neous pro­cessing of a mul­titude of dif­ferent pro­jects within a short frame of time.
Our inter­viewers dis­tri­buted over regions (Nielsen areas)


Nielsen 1

Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Hol­stein, Lower Saxony

Nielsen 2

North Rhine-West­phalia

Nielsen 3a

Hessen, Rhi­neland-Pala­tinate, Saarland

Nielsen 3b


Nielsen 4


Nielsen 5


Nielsen 6

Meck­lenburg-West Pome­rania , Bran­denburg, Saxony-Anhalt

Nielsen 7

Thu­ringia, Saxony

Study designs and con­cepts

POS-, POI pro­jects

Employee surveys

Pas­serby surveys

Trade fair and event surveys

Fre­quency mea­su­rement

Mystery research

Household surveys

Quota surveys

Product tests

Surveys in writing

Con­tinous surveys

Dif­ficult target groups

Recruiting pro­jects

Offline recruiting for panel expansion

Recruiting for group dis­cus­sions

Face to face recruiting for CAWI, CATI

Test clients do see your pro­ducts and ser­vices in an authentic way: through the eyes of your clients.

Our mystery shoppers act as common clients. On the basis of pre­de­fined shopping and coun­seling situa­tions they simulate the per­spective of your clients in real sce­n­arios and check via POS checks the pre­sen­tation of wares, the assortment, shelf main­tenance and prices. Thereby we test important quality cri­terias related to customer service and support you when improving your per­for­mance as a service pro­vider.
Our mystery research offer


Mystery shopping

Mystery con­sul­tation

Mystery-Calls (Call cen­ter/Hotline-Test)

Store Obser­vation

Client obser­vation (ana­lysis of used routes, length of stay)

Product-Pla­cement Check

Line of business

Retail sale (food, nonfood, pharma)

Insurance, finance ser­vices

Gas­tronomy, events


Choice of testers according to your target group spe­ci­fi­cation

In-depth training of mystery shoppers, observers, caller

Pre­pa­ration for pos­sible sce­n­arios by audio­con­fe­rence and online training

Up-to-date reports gua­ranteed by online filling of results

Measure the success of your outlets and events live, impartial and reliable.

Our event check team mea­sures the success of your activities live and impartial. We interview visitors of national and inter­na­tional venues and survey opi­nions and atti­tudes in an imme­diate context to your event.
Our offer for event checks

Live mea­su­rement on-site

Data collection just at the POS, POI

Per­so­na­lised inter­views at national or inter­na­tional loca­tions

Inter­viewing online, PAPI, CAPI pos­sible

Day After Recall

Recruiting of contact addresses (numbers) on-site

Data collection via our tele­phone studios located in Bonn and Cologne

Mea­su­rement con­si­dering a time and location shift to POS, POI

Rea­li­sation within favored time frame

Day After Mail

Recruiting of contact addresses (e-mail-addresses) on-site

CAWI data collection within the fol­lowing days

Mea­su­rement con­si­dering a time and location shift to POS, POI

Espe­cially appro­priate for contact persons having a high affinity to the subject of survey

Our quality assurance mea­sures

POS-, POI pro­jects

Daily check on atten­dance

On-site con­trols of up to 20% of all dates of atten­dance (depending on type of survey)

Training of inter­viewers on-site or via audio­con­fe­rence on demand

Software based mea­sures

Check of duration of interview

Mea­suring duration for spe­cific parts oft he ques­ti­onnaire

Auto­matic fil­tering and com­ple­teness checks

Check of starting time and finishin time (between 8 and 21 h)

ime distances between inter­views, pat­terns

Check of quotas

Con­trolling of PAPI

Com­ple­teness, reada­bility

Logic con­sis­tency, pat­terns


Check of pro­posed quotas

Con­trolling for in-home surveys

Con­trolling via tele­phone for about 25% of all inter­views carried out (duration, topic, appearance of inter­viewers)

Postal sending of control cards

Per­forming all software based mea­sures

Per­forming con­trolling of PAPI

About us

Reliable surveys on market, product and customer satis­faction breathe from an accurate inves­ti­gation. We do have the accurate tool for all your needs.

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