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Om­ni­Quest Bonn

Ken­ne­dy­brü­cke 4
53225 Bonn
Pho­ne: 0228-38200100

Om­ni­Quest Köln

Ho­hen­stau­fen­ring 66-70
50674 Köln
Pho­ne: 0221-29213410

About us

Re­li­able sur­veys on mar­ket, pro­duct and cus­to­mer sa­tis­fac­tion need the right me­thod. We do have the ac­cu­ra­te tool for all your needs.


Om­ni­Quest Ge­sell­schaft für Be­fra­gungs­pro­jek­te mbH
Ken­ne­dy­brü­cke 4, 53225 Bonn (Ger­ma­ny)
Ho­hen­stau­fen­ring 66-70, 50674 Köln (Ger­ma­ny)
Pho­ne: +49 (0) 228 38 200-0