Per­so­nal in­ter­views.

Our team for per­so­nal in­ter­views na­ti­on­wi­de in-home, live at point of sa­le or un­der­co­ver as mys­te­ry shop­per.

Our staff of about 600 ex­pe­ri­en­ced and at all times de­ploya­ble na­ti­on­wi­de face to face-in­ter­view­ers and mys­te­ry shop­pers es­tab­lis­hes op­ti­mal sur­roun­dings for si­mul­ta­ne­ous pro­ces­sing of a mul­ti­tu­de of dif­fe­rent pro­jects wi­t­hin a short frame of time.

Our in­ter­view­ers dis­tri­bu­t­ed over re­gi­ons (Niel­sen are­as)

To­tal Ger­ma­ny

Niel­sen 1 Ham­burg, Bre­men, Schles­wig-Hol­stein, Nie­der­sach­sen

Niel­sen 2 Nord­rhein-West­fa­len

Niel­sen 3a Hes­sen, Rhein­land-Pfalz, Saar­land

Niel­sen 3b Ba­den-Würt­tem­berg

Niel­sen 4 Bay­ern

Niel­sen 5 Ber­lin

Niel­sen 6 Meck­len­burg-Vor­pom­mern, Bran­den­burg, Sach­sen-An­halt

Niel­sen 7 Thü­rin­gen, Sach­sen

Stu­dy de­signs and con­cepts

POS-, POI-pro­jects

  • Em­ployee sur­veys
  • Pas­serby sur­veys
  • Tra­de fair and event sur­veys
  • Fre­quen­cy mea­su­re­ment
  • Mys­te­ry re­se­arch

House­hold sur­veys

  • Quo­ta sur­veys
  • Pro­duct tests
  • Sur­veys in wri­ting
  • Con­tin­ous sur­veys
  • Dif­fi­cult tar­get groups

Re­crui­t­ing pro­jects

  • Off­line re­crui­t­ing for pa­nel ex­pan­si­on
  • Re­crui­t­ing for group dis­cus­sions
  • Face to face re­crui­t­ing for CAWI, CATI

Mys­te­ry re­se­arch.

Test cli­ents do see your pro­ducts and ser­vices in an au­then­tic way: through the eyes of your cli­ents.
Our mys­te­ry shop­pers act as com­mon cli­ents. On the ba­sis of pre­de­fi­ned shop­ping and coun­se­ling si­tua­tions they si­mu­la­te the per­spec­ti­ve of your cli­ents in re­al sce­n­a­ri­os and check via POS checks the pre­sen­ta­ti­on of wa­res, the as­sort­ment, shelf main­ten­an­ce and pri­ces. Ther­eby we test im­portant qua­li­ty cri­te­ri­as re­la­ted to cus­to­mer ser­vice and sup­port you when im­pro­ving your per­for­mance as a ser­vice pro­vi­der.

Our mys­te­ry re­se­arch of­fer


  • Mys­te­ry shop­ping
  • Mys­te­ry con­sul­ta­ti­on
  • Mys­te­ry-Calls (Call cen­ter/Hot­line-Test)
  • Store Ob­ser­va­ti­on
  • Cli­ent ob­ser­va­ti­on (ana­ly­sis of used rou­tes, length of stay)
  • Pro­duct-Pla­ce­ment Check

Li­ne of busi­ness

  • Re­tail sa­le (food, non­food, phar­ma)
  • Insuran­ce, fi­nan­ce ser­vices
  • Gas­tro­no­my, events


  • Choice of tes­ters ac­cord­ing to your tar­get group spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on
  • In-depth trai­ning of mys­te­ry shop­pers, ob­ser­vers, cal­ler
  • Pre­pa­ra­ti­on for pos­si­ble sce­n­a­ri­os by au­dio­con­fe­rence and on­line trai­ning
  • Up-to-date re­ports gua­ran­te­ed by on­line fil­ling of re­sults

Event check.

Mea­su­re the suc­cess of your out­lets and events live, im­par­ti­al and re­li­able.

Our event check team mea­su­res the suc­cess of your ac­ti­vi­ties live and im­par­ti­al. We in­ter­view vi­si­tors of na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal ve­nues and sur­vey opi­ni­ons and at­ti­tu­des in an immedia­te con­text to your event.

Our of­fer for event checks

Live mea­su­re­ment on-site

  • Da­ta collec­tion just at the POS, POI
  • Per­so­na­li­sed in­ter­views at na­tio­nal or in­ter­na­tio­nal lo­ca­ti­ons
  • In­ter­viewing on­line, PAPI, CAPI pos­si­ble

Day Af­ter Re­call

  • Re­crui­t­ing of con­ta­ct ad­dres­ses (num­bers) on-site
  • Da­ta collec­tion via our te­le­pho­ne stu­di­os lo­ca­ted in Bonn and Co­lo­gne
  • Mea­su­re­ment con­si­de­ring a time and lo­ca­ti­on shift to POS, POI
  • Rea­li­sa­ti­on wi­t­hin fa­vo­r­ed time frame

Day Af­ter Mail

  • Re­crui­t­ing of con­ta­ct ad­dres­ses (e-mail-ad­dres­ses) on-site
  • CAWI da­ta collec­tion wi­t­hin the fol­lowing days
  • Mea­su­re­ment con­si­de­ring a time and lo­ca­ti­on shift to POS, POI
  • Espe­cial­ly ap­pro­pria­te for con­ta­ct per­sons ha­ving a high af­fi­ni­ty to the sub­ject of sur­vey

Our qua­li­ty as­suran­ce mea­su­res:

POS-, POI-pro­jects

  • Dai­ly check on at­ten­dance
  • On-site con­trols of up to 20% of all dates of at­ten­dance (de­pen­ding on ty­pe of sur­vey)
  • Trai­ning of in­ter­view­ers on-site or via au­dio­con­fe­rence on de­mand

Soft­ware ba­sed mea­su­res

  • Check of du­ra­ti­on of in­ter­view
  • Mea­su­ring du­ra­ti­on for spe­ci­fic parts oft he ques­ti­onn­aire
  • Au­to­ma­tic fil­te­ring and com­ple­teness checks
  • Check of star­ting time and fi­nis­hin time (bet­ween 8 and 21 h)
  • Time di­stan­ces bet­ween in­ter­views, pat­terns
  • Check of quo­tas

Con­trol­ling of PAPI

  • Com­ple­teness, reada­bi­li­ty
  • Lo­gic con­sis­ten­cy, pat­terns
  • Fil­te­ring
  • Check of pro­po­sed quo­tas

Con­trol­ling for in-home sur­veys

  • Con­trol­ling via te­le­pho­ne for about 25% of all in­ter­views car­ri­ed out (du­ra­ti­on, to­pic, ap­pearan­ce of in­ter­view­ers)
  • Pos­tal sen­ding of con­trol cards
  • Per­forming all soft­ware ba­sed mea­su­res
  • Per­forming con­trol­ling of PAPI

Your con­ta­ct per­son:

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+49 (0) 221 29 213-410

About us

Re­li­able sur­veys on mar­ket, pro­duct and cus­to­mer sa­tis­fac­tion brea­the from an ac­cu­ra­te in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.
We do have the ac­cu­ra­te tool for all your needs.

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