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  • Customer care is our focus.
  • We leap ahead.
  • We want to provide adivse, no indoc­tri­na­tion.

We are competent.

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  • We look for alter­na­tives.
  • We share our knowledge.
  • We are experi­enced.
  • We do sugges­tions, yet no regula­tions.

We are reliable.

  • We are consci­en­tiously.
  • We are true to our word.
  • We look for the direct access to the proposed target.
  • We are pragmatic.

Field studies according to ADM-standards and data privacy protec­tion

OmniQuest offers all services for personal, telephonic and online market research. Within national and inter­na­tional surveys we coordi­nate a wide range of inter­viewers, testers and panelists and offer our clients of the insti­tu­tional and indus­trial sector both quali­ta­tive and quanti­tivate optimized approa­ches.

Our key to success is „integrated project manage­ment“

OmniQuest follows an integra­tive approach and offers all services inhouse – starting with the prepa­ra­tion, conti­nuing with data collec­tion up to the analysis. We are well known for our quality at all manners of quanti­ta­tive oriented field work, both telephonic (CATI) and online/CAWI as well as face to face/CAPI. Our ressources allow us to offer a wide range of surveys.

Our services throughout the course of the project:


Study design

Targe­ting, develep­ment of research hypotheses, deter­mi­na­tion of study method, question­aire develo­p­ment



Programming, survey sampling, sample prepa­ra­tion, quota manage­ment


Field / Data Collection

Inter­viewer briefing, data collec­tion, quali­ta­tive monito­ring, quanti­ta­tive monito­ring



Flash results (optional), coding, data check, data analysis, prepa­ra­tion of data set incl. open ended questions

Why choose us.

All field work from one source

High wealth of experience with regard to Customer satisfaction projects (B2B/B2C)

High level of experience in customer satisfaction (B2B/B2C)

Representative sampling as a member of ADM Arge Telefonstichproben

Permanent usage of the ADM-Blacklist

Guarantee of quality standards and rules of professional conduct

Adherence to the DIN-ISO-Norm 20252

A maximum of transparency throughout the course of the project

Our own online-panel having a representative composition


+49 (0) 228-38 200 100

Falk Böhmer

Managing Director

+49 (0) 221-29 213 410

Markus Hoffstadt

Officer with Procu­re­ment | CPO

+49 (0) 228-38 200 215

Sofina Hell

Head of telephone unit

+49 (0) 228-38 200 223

Thorsten Jansen

Head of online unit

+49 (0) 228-38 200 225

Agate Volk

Project manager telephone surveys

+49 (0) 228-38 200 313

Thomas Hoffstadt

Project manager telephone surveys

+49 (0) 228-38 200 175

Gabriele Klebeck

Project manager telephone surveys

+49 (0) 228-38 200 210

Ansgar Hartmann

Project manager telephone surveys

+49 (0) 228-38 200 220

Christian Bien

Project manager telephone surveys

+49 (0) 228-38 200 226

Thomas Paffhausen

Project manager telephone surveys

+49 (0) 228-38 200 205

Malak Loyola

Call-Centre Manager

+49 (0) 228-38 200 227

Maximilian Ponert

Project manager online surveys

+49 (0) 228-38 200 224

Peter Gremse

Project manager online surveys

+49 (0) 221-29 213 404

Oliver Schreier

Project manager face to face surveys

+49 (0) 228-38 200 100

Bernd Giesen

Office Manage­ment

+49 (0) 228-38 200 103

Christoph Hennek


+49 (0) 228-38 200 102

Maximilian Kunz


Amongst our clients are

About us

Reliable surveys on market, product and customer satis­fac­tion need the right method.
We do have the accurate tool for all your needs.


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